The Exchange History Program collects and archives personal stories, photos and documents from Exchange associates and retirees who have supported the U.S. military in peacetime and wartime. The program also welcomes input from military members, dependents and veterans who want to share their stories of the Army and Air Force Exchange Service.

The Exchange History Program welcomes volunteers to help collect and preserve our history.

These historical items may include:

  • Personal narratives: audio / video-taped interviews and written memoirs.
  • Correspondence: letphotographsters, postcards, e-mail, personal diaries.
  • Visual images: , locally produced signage and sales flyers.

Preservation Donations


Artifacts are accepted on a limited basis. Please contact the staff historian regarding any artifact you would like to donate.

Items on loan are not accepted.

Acceptable Formats:

  • Digital video
  • Hi-8 / 8mm
  • VHS video
  • DVD
  • Audio cassette
  • CD

Acceptable Formats and Examples:

  • Photos of facilities, customers and associates
  • Narrative / memoirs
  • Journals
  • Local newsletters or papers containing articles on The Exchange (excluding The Exchange Post)
  • Locally produced flyers and signage
  • Signage specific for downrange TFE facilities
  • Use .jpg, .gif, .txt, .doc and .pdf files for digital images and documents
  • Send original documents if possible, if not, send high-quality, legible copies.

How to Participate

Download and print the Exchange history preservation packet (PDF). This packet provides:

  • Information on conducting history interviews
  • Forms for the donation of audio / video recordings, photos and documents
  • Example interview questions
  • Memoir writing guidance

Mailing Address

The Exchange
Attn: Steven Smith
Exchange Historian
PO Box 660202
Dallas, TX 75266-0202

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