Military Newcomers Guide

Military Newcomers Guide

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Important Contact Numbers

Military Personnel Office
(214) 312-2260/4560

Inclement Weather
(800) 442-0670

Welcome to the Exchange

We Want to be Your First Choice

Why are we here? The Exchange Military Mission is to provide military experience, technical expertise and knowledge, helping to ensure compliance with established DoD, federal, military policies, regulations, and instructions. This combination of seasoned military experience, training, and perspective is immeasurably beneficial to the Exchange.

Your Arrival

Welcome to Headquarters, Army & Air Force Exchange Service located on the southwest side of Dallas at 3911 South Walton Walker Boulevard, Dallas TX 75236. Everyone assigned to HQ Exchange is required to in-process at the headquarters building in the Military Personnel Office (MPO), located on the fifth floor.

About Your Sponsor

Your sponsor is an important person who can help with everything from housing to in processing, and help you adjust to your new assignment. Upon arrival, your sponsor will be able to assist you with in-processing and help you resolve any problems.


Use the gate to the south of the building to gain access. If you don’t have a DoD decal on your vehicle, have your I.D. ready for validation.

Vehicle Registration

To obtain a parking decal, which is required to park in several designated parking lots around the building, please bring a DoD I.D., valid driver’s license, proof of insurance and registration to the Headquarters Facility Management Office.

Entry Control Point

Upon arrival you will need to be in uniform and to provide a copy of your orders and valid CAC card to receive a permanent access badge to enter the facility.

Entry for Family Members

Family members have the option of receiving a permanent access badge to enter the facility to gain access to facility amenities (Express, gym, restaurant, Exchange Restaurants. etc.) with a valid CAC card.

Duty Hours

Duty Hours are based on the needs of the Directorate, please see your sponsor or supervisor for more details.

Duty Uniforms & Personal Appearance

All Air Force members are required to wear “Blues” on Mondays. The Army will wear ACUs and the Air Force will wear ABUs as the standard uniform of the day. All military members are expected to maintain the appropriate standards according to their respective service directives.

The Organization

There are 31 military authorizations in the Exchange worldwide. Of those, 18 are located here at HQ Exchange.


The Army & Air Force Exchange Service evolved from the War Department order in 1895 directing military post commanders to establish an exchange store wherever practical. This order set the concept and mission of what has evolved as the Exchange.

Serving You

Skyline Restaurant and X-Exchange Club

The Exchange Headquarters Skyline Restuarant & X-Exchange Club offers breakfast and lunch Monday thru Friday. The club provides a variety of activities, including a lounge and general dining for official and non-official functions. Skyline is located on the 6th floor of the HQ building. For more information you can contact the club manager at DSN 967.2686 or (214) 312-2686.

Fitness Center

Fitness Center is located on the main floor of the HQ building and is available for use 24 hours a day seven days a week. Newly refurbished, the fitness center offers individual fitness assessments, personal training, outdoor track, strength training and cardio equipment. The use of the facility is free for all military, civilian associates and family members. For more information please contact the Fitness Center directly at DSN 967-6433 or (214) 312-6433.

Pentagon Federal Credit Union

A Pentagon Federal Credit Union (PenFed) is located directly across the street from the HQ Exchange building. PenFed offers convenient savings account, checking account and other financial services for all Exchange associates. Contact Member Services at 800-247-5626 or visit for information.

Motor Pool

Motor Pool has vehicles available for use when conducting official business. For more information or to check out a vehicle please contact Mr. McKnight at ext. 2.2565.

Employees' Association

EEA Mission: The objectives of the EEA are to recommend, plan, promote, and conduct recreational and social activities to include programs that promote community relations and programs to enhance the health and well-being of employees in the Dallas/ Ft. Worth area.

EEA Activities: The EEA Board plans, promotes, and conducts recreational and social activities for the Exchange family, both military and civilian including retirees in the Dallas/ Ft. Worth area.

EEA Membership: Membership is open to the Exchange family, both military and civilian including retirees in the Dallas / Ft. Worth area. EEA membership is $26 per year.

BOD Meeting

Quarterly, Exchange military members are tasked to assist with the reception, transportation and billeting of Exchange BOD members. This is our priority at this time. Only mission essential TDYs will be approved during this two to four day period. Leaves must be approved by the Chief of Staff.

Physical Fitness Testing

Army: Physical fitness testing is conducted twice a year in April and October.

Air Force: Physical Fitness Assessments will be conducted in accordance with AFI 10-2408.

Army Leave Process

ALL Colonels will to submit DA Form 31, Request an Authorized Leave Form, to the Chief of Staff requesting approval of your leave or passes. Once approved, forward paperwork to MPF for processing.

For Lt Col’s and below: You will submit DA Form 31, Request an Authorized Leave Form, to your immediate supervisor requesting approval of your leave or passes. Once approved, forward paperwork to MPF for processing.

Air Force Leave Policy

ALL Colonels will need to submit an email to Chief of Staff requesting approval of your leave and the leave dates. Once your leave is approved and returned to you, forward to the MPO; then process your request through LeaveWeb for validation.

For Lt Col’s and below: Submit an email to your immediate supervisor requesting approval for your leave and the leave dates. Once your leave is approved , forward to the MPO and then process your request through LeaveWeb for validation.

If you have any questions accessing LeaveWeb or any problems once inside, please contact MPO at (214) 312-2260/4560.

First Friday

  • Who: All military – mandatory formation
  • What: Ultimate Frisbee, or other physical activity
  • When: First Friday of every month – 0700-0830
  • Where: South Lawn, or location as announced
  • Excused absences: Leave, TDY, CoS approved
  • Uniform: Official PT Uniform Only

Notes: Individuals on profile must report in PT uniform. Physical activity should be adjusted based on limitations of profile, MPO will take attendance; all unexcused absences will be reported to Chief of Staff.

Support Installations

Fort Hood is the primary support post for Army personnel.

Sheppard AFB is the primary support base for Air Force personnel.

Personal Property

Privately Owned Vehicles: Vehicles being shipped from overseas can be reclaimed at the Dallas Vehicle Processing Center (VPC). The VPC is located on 500 North Stemmons Freeway, Lake Dallas, Texas 75065. Phone numbers are (940) 497-1036 and 1-866-438-2046.

Personal Property: Upon your arrival in the DFW area, you will need to contact the Joint Personal Property Shipping Office (JPPSO) to schedule your household goods delivery. The JPPSO office is located at Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base (Formerly Carswell AFB) in Ft. Worth. You can call them directly at DSN 739-7304, extension 12 or 13 or Commercial (817) 782-7304, extension 12 or 13.

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