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06 October 2006          

Data Synchronization: Slides from 04 OCT 2006 Webinar

Click on the following link to view the slides: 04 Oct 2006 Data Sync Webinar Slides



28 September 2006

RETEK Non-Intelligent PO Number: GO LIVE

This is a reminder that the RETEK implementation of the non-intelligent purchase order number will be effective with orders received on 03 October 2006.



20 September 2006

RETEK Wave 1B Path II - Implementation Delay

RETEK implementation of the non-intelligent purchase order number has been delayed by one week.  New implementation date should take place on 03 October 2006.



23 August 2006

Informing you of changes to the AAFES Purchase Order

As we continue to move forward with the Retek Implementation at AAFES, we have made a decision to use the Retek Merchandising System (RMS) as the master of all Purchase Orders (POs).  While the implementation of this decision will not take place until an upcoming system release on 26 September 2006, it is important that we inform you of the changes this decision will have on the AAFES Purchase Order.  Although we have confidence that AAFES will “go live” on 26 September, we will send notification if this date changes.  Unless you received further notification, please be prepared to accept an 850 transmission using the new Purchase Order format outlined below beginning with orders dated 25 September.   


Currently, AAFES Purchase Orders are created with intelligent numbers or logic.  The first two digits indicate the destination of the purchase order and the remaining positions may contain logic depending on the type of order (i.e. Cross dock, VMI, etc.).  This intelligent numbering will no longer exist due to the decision to use RMS as the master of all POs.  AAFES has also made the decision to use a random 8-digit purchase order with two leading zeroes that will create a 10-digit non-intelligent PO number for downstream legacy systems.  Even with these changes occurring, purchase orders existing in the system at the time of implementation are not affected and there is no impact on the layout of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) orders.  However, any suppliers needing cross dock POs to be identified in the EDI transmission, please contact the AAFES EDI office at 214-312-4372 or 3109.


To clarify, there will be no meaning to PO numbers to indicate:

  • Destination or Facility

  • Type of POs or Distribution Method

These decisions are preparing AAFES systems for future growth and expansion, as well as allowing AAFES to align our business processes with the industry’s best practice of using non-intelligent numbering.  To fulfill our goal of keeping everyone informed, we wanted to pass this information along.  With this change, it is important that vendors check with everyone within their company to insure changes are not required in their business processes


Again, should you have additional questions or comments concerning change to AAFES Purchase Orders, please direct them to AAFES EDI office 214-312-4372 or 214-312-3109.


Thank you for your support.


Margaret A. Burgess

Senior Vice President, Sales Directorate



18 August 2006

Non Intelligent Purchase Order Numbers

RETEK Wave 1B Path II is scheduled for implementation on 25 September 2006.  This is a tentative date, which could still change.  We will inform you of any changes through updates here on this website.


Purchase orders transmitted on 25 Sep will adhere to the new RETEK PO numbering system of non-intelligent purchase order numbers.  There is no impact on the layout of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) orders, however if your system requires cross dock orders to be identified in the EDI transmission, we can send a “ZZ” qualifier in the BEG-02 field.  Please call 214-312-4372 or 214-312-3109 for additional information.



21 July 2006

Cyclone Interchange Upgrade

AAFES AS2/AS1 Services will be unavailable from 08:00 AM CDT to 4:00 PM CDT on Saturday, July 22nd 2006 for an upgrade.


8:00AM CDT to 4:00PM CDT on Saturday, July 22nd 2006


AS2/AS1 services will be unavailable during this timeframe for processing inbound/outbound data.

We apologize for any inconvenience this temporary outage may cause your company.

Please direct any questions regarding this outage to EDI group (isdedi@aafes.com.



26 Jun 2006

EDI Translator Changed from Gentran:Basic to Gentran Integration Suite (GIS)

On 26 June, we changed our EDI translator from Gentran:Basic to Gentran Integration Suite (GIS).  If you encounter any problems with your transmissions (Version, ID, etc.) please call the following numbers for error resolution:  214-312-4072, 214-312-2637, 214-312-2671 or 214-312-6397.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.



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