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Vendor Learning Seminars for AAFES Partners


AAFES desires to strengthen its working relationship with all our vendors. To accomplish this we are presenting seminars, open to all vendors that are currently doing business with AAFES, to provide a better understanding of AAFES programs.


Classes are scheduled monthly.  Register for upcoming seminars by clicking on the link below or by calling either of the following numbers: 214-312-3753 or 214-312-4552.


 Seminar Registration Form



Subjects covered include:


Plans, Allocation and Replenishment (PAR)

Cross Dock

Supply Chain Management (Overview)


Sales Based Replenishment (SBR)


Finance & Accounting 

Quality Assurance

AAFES Retail Agreement (ARA)

Direct Marketing/ ECOM

Exchange Partners Online (EPOL)

Co-operative/Media Advertising/Vendor Non-Conformance