Netherlands Fuel Ration Program

At this time 20 stations accept Exchange gas coupons in the Netherlands. You may also fuel up at the Exchange Gas Station on the U.S. compound at Schinnen.

If you are stationed outside of the Netherlands and your vehicle is not registered there, you must follow the new guidance as published in the updated AE Regulation 550-35. Customers stationed in Germany and on the fuel card program, must complete AE Form 600-17A Supplemental Fuel Request (maximum fuel allowance is 200 liters), have it signed by your supervisor or commander and take it to the MP Station in Schinnen. You will then get a short term registration document that allows you to purchase fuel coupons at our retail stores in the Netherlands.

Participating ESSO stations accept super unleaded, super unleaded plus and diesel coupons. If you encounter any problems in using coupons at the stations posted, please contact

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