Tax Free Fuel Sales Eligibility

The new ESSO/Forax fuel ration card is accepted at all 330+ ESSO Stations in the Netherlands. The regulation that governs the sale of tax-free fuel is AE Regulation 550-35, Regulations on Personal Property, Local Currency, and Motor Vehicles for U.S. Personnel dated March 2010.

For Personnel stationed in the Netherlands:

Each person who owns a POV must register it with the JFC HQ vehicle registration office according to JFCBD 5-9. Personnel who registered a vehicle are allowed to purchase fuel at all Esso stations in the Netherlands using their Forax card. Each sponsor, who complied with the Vehicle Registration Guidance according to AE Regulation 550-35 will be authorized a monthly ration limit of maximum 400 liters of all Fuel types, which can be spread between no more than (2) fuel cards.

For Personnel traveling into the Netherlands from Germany:

  • Complete AE Form 600-17A dated Oct 2016, Request and Authorization for Additional Gas or Diesel. The maximum allowance per month is 200 liters. Your Supervisor or Commander must sign the form prior to your departure to the Netherlands. There is no need to fax or email the form to USAREUR Vehicle Registry.
  • Take your ID card and copies of your TDY orders, Leave Orders or Pass and rental contract or vehicle registration documentation and the Supplemental Ration Request Form to the Schinnen MP station. You will be issued AE Form 550-35B, Short-Term Registration that allows the two Exchange Retail Stores in the Netherlands to issue you a Forax card.

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