UK Off Base Fuel Ration Program

From June 2018 through 1 November 2018, the Exchange rolled out a new Off Base Fuel Card Program called the Forax/Exchange Off Base Fuel Card Program (FEOBFCP). This program allows entitled personnel to purchase fuel tax and duty free off base.

Under the new program, the fuel card will work at almost 3,500 stations throughout the UK (All Shell Stations, Selected ESSO, Texaco, Total, Topaz and at most Gulf and Cleaners Sites). The fuel card will be tied to Military Star - requiring all customers to have Military Star Account.

How will the gas card work?

The gas card will be tied to the customers Military Star account. Eligible customers are ONLY authorized to get one fuel card for one vehicle even though their driving permit may list more than one vehicle. Each eligible customer will complete and sign the application, Terms and Conditions and POV rules and the fuel card will be issued at the Alconbury BX, Croughton Troop Store, Lakenheath BX, Menwith Hill BX and the UK General Managers Office located at Feltwell. The card is immediately active upon receipt. A PIN mailer is issued to the customer with the card. The 4-digit PIN number is necessary for all transactions at the Off Base Gas Stations. Customer will drive up to the gas station, fuel up their vehicle and then go inside to pay (at manned stations). Inside they will present their fuel card. The purchase will be rung up and the fuel card will be swiped, and will require the customer to enter the 4-digit PIN number. The transaction is then completed and the customer signs for the purchase. The customer will receive a receipt with only the British Pound price printed. No payment will take place at the time of the transaction. The transactions are extracted daily and transmitted to the fuel card company for all necessary checks and balances. At that time, it is decided whether the customer should be charged the tax-free price or the taxed price and the transaction will post to the customers Military Star account within 24 to 72 hours.


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