UK Off Base Fuel Ration Program

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Forax/ Exchange Off Base Fuel Card Program

The following details provides general information regarding the FEOFCP in the United Kingdom for easy reference. It is not intended to be all inclusive. Please refer to the Fuel Card Agreement available at your servicing facility for additional information. (Updated 11 April 2019, RO OFFICE RW)


The following personnel are entitled to purchase tax-free fuel in the United Kingdom (UK):

  • US military members and DoD civilians (and spouses) permanently assigned in or TDY to the UK.
  • Spouses of members performing 12-month unaccompanied tours with follow-on orders to the UK.
  • US civilian employees (and spouses) of DoD agencies and departments (such as Exchange, DODEA, SVS NAF, etc) performing at least 20 hours work per week and not ordinarily resident in the UK.
  • US employees (and spouses) of contractors not ordinarily resident in the UK and exclusively serving the US Forces.

Entitled personnel must meet the following conditions to be eligible to obtain an Off-Base Fuel Purchase Card:

  • Possess an active Military Star Card account, in good standing (below the authorized balance and no past due payments).
  • Have the vehicle, to be fueled, Listed on the 3rd AF Form 435, Driving/Fuel Permit.

Not to be living at the installation to which the member is assigned, or, EXCHANGE does not sell the fuel needed, at the installation assigned.

There will be (1) fuel card for one vehicle for each AF Form 435. Customer will have to choose for which vehicle they want the fuel card issued (if several vehicles are listed on AF Form 435).

The card is fuel specific for each vehicle.


Monthly liter limits are based on the location of your residence.

  • Residing ON the installation you are assigned to:
    400 liters per month if EXCHANGE does not sell the fuel the vehicle needs, at your base.
  • Residing OFF the installation you are assigned to:
    400 liters per month if EXCHANGE does not sell the fuel the vehicle needs, at your base.
    100 liters per month if EXCHANGE does sell the fuel the vehicle needs, at your base.

Fuel purchased in excess of the authorized monthly limit will be charged to the Military Star Card Account at full rate with taxes.

Fuel purchased with the fuel card must be used for ‘duty driving’. Duty driving is all driving in support of the US military mission, both in performing normal duties and in order to serve and participate in other activities organized by, sponsored by, or beneficial to the US Forces in the UK. It does not include pleasure driving.

Improper use of the card may result in disciplinary actions.

Obtaining a Fuel Card

Fuel Card Requests are processed at:

  • Croughton Troop Store
  • Alconbury BX
  • Menwith Hill BX
  • Lakenheath BX
  • GM Office at Feltwell

The following documents MUST be presented (or completed) with the application:

  • US military or civilian ID card
  • Current 3rd AF Form 435, Driving/Fuel permit listing the vehicle to be fueled
  • Military Star account number
  • Proof of local residence address, including postal code
  • Vehicle Registration V-5

Upon meeting all requirements, the application will be processed and a fuel card will be issued. NOTE: Because the cards are vehicle specific, a separate application must be completed for each card issued. Multiple Fuel Purchase Cards may be charged to the same Military Star Card.

The Fuel card expires when your ID card or driving/fuel permit expires (whichever expires first). Once you have renewed your ID card or driving/fuel permit, you must come to the Exchange so we can update the expiration date in the Forax system. This must be done before midnight on the day the fuel card would expire.


Customer charges made with the Fuel Card at authorized locations will automatically bill to the Military Star account usually within 48 – 72 hours of use.

Customers can pay their Military Star accounts via online account management at and clicking on the Exchange Credit Central link – or at any Exchange retail facility in Europe.

Overseas Fuel pricing is based on the DoE average plus incremental dispensing costs.

Exchange pump prices are published every Thursday and are valid the following Saturday through Friday.

The Shell/Forax Fuel Card is accepted at almost 3,500 locations (All Shell, most ESSO, Texaco, Total, Topaz stations and Gulf and Cleaners Sites). Visit for more information.

Purchasing fuel with an expired driving/fuel permit, purchasing the wrong fuel product, or exceeding the ration limit will require the Exchange to charge the customer the full local pump price, to include taxes.

Fuel Card is ONLY valid for fuel purchases in the UK.

Customers should retain all receipts, for up to (3) months to monitor used liters. The fuel card company will send customers, with a valid email address, an automated email as they get close to the end of their ration allowance.

To view the fuel charges on the Military Star account, customers should visit:, click on the Military Star Tab and follow prompts to login page.

Telephone Numbers:

  • Alconbury BX 01480-843264
  • Croughton Troop Store 01869-811494
  • Lakenheath BX 01638-534200
  • Menwith Hill BX 01423-774550
  • GM Office Feltwell 01842-828289

In the event a customer loses their fuel card, they must immediately contact the issuing facility to have the card cancelled.

For questions regarding the fuel card program you may write to:, or call: +4963026098/336 or 402


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