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ESSO Fuel Card Expiration Advisory

Attention: Important Customer Advisory!!

Dear ESSO Fuel Card Customers:

Please be advised the ESSO fuel card is like any other debit or credit card has an expiration date. The expiration date is located on the front of the fuel card in the lower right hand corner. To avoid interruption of service please check the expiration date on the lower right hand corner and verify the month and year of expiration. If your card has expired, please return to a Fuel Card Issuing Location where we will gladly replace your card.

This message applies only to the expiration of your ESSO Fuel Card. Please consult your RMV documentation for information about when your vehicle’s registration expires. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Customer Support

Attention customers, the ESSO customer support phone number (0800-1819945) as listed on your fuel ration card is now accessible from all cell phone providers in Germany! For any questions regarding your fuel card account or your fuel card statement, please contact the Exchange Europe Fuel Card Office, either via email to:, or by phone: Civ. 06302-6098-336/402 or DSN 545-6336/6402.

Expiration Dates

The long term automated fuel-ration card expiration date for privately owned vehicles is tied to the vehicle registration expiration date shown on AE Form 190-1A. Any delay in renewing the vehicle registration will cause the fuel-ration card (s) for that vehicle to be deactivated.

Please note: Your ESSO Fuel Ration Card also needs to be replaced if your identification number changes (Passport or Identity Number for Consulate / Embassy Personnel and NATO Customers)! All ESSO accounts are kept under the unique ID number that your vehicle is registered under in the Vehicle Registry data base. Any change will deactivate your fuel ration card.

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New Fuel Ration Card

All sponsors should note that they must get a new fuel ration card anytime they change the license plates on their vehicle. As soon as the license plates change, the fuel ration card(s) for the vehicle will no longer function. After changing license plates, take the registration document (AE Form 190-1A) to an Exchange card issue site for replacement card(s).

Service Outages

There have been occasional service outages at specific ESSO stations. Anyone affected by a service outage should be patient and encourage the ESSO personnel to use the telephone back-up system to complete the fuel card transaction.

Visitors to Germany

Visitors to Germany should get their 550-175L form and have the Exchange issue / activate their short-term fuel ration card as early as possible while they are in Germany. Otherwise, fuel ration eligibility for their visit becomes limited to the days remaining as the card is activated

Visitor Documents

Visitors to Germany should remember to have their leave, TDY, or military pass document with them as they apply for eligibility document (please review the "Visiting Germany" portion of our "FAQ" page.


Information on eligibility and processes for individuals who will be visiting Germany:

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