Government Owned Vehicles

Organizations with government vehicles (GOVs) and official-use vehicles for use within Germany should note the following and review info within the files provided on this web page.

  • There is no ration limit for GOVs.
  • GOV cards are assigned to a specific vehicle and may be used by any eligible driver for the vehicle.
  • The fleet manager or dispatcher will provide the PIN number for the GOV card to the authorized driver.
  • Drivers will use the PIN and enter odometer reading for transactions at ESSO. Drivers will show their ID, and enter the odometer reading at the Exchange. Drivers will sign for the transaction at both ESSO and the Exchange and should turn in a copy of the transaction receipt with their dispatch and card at the end of official use.
  • GOV cards function as a charge card. Each organization will pay at the end of the month for fuel that was charged to their account during the month.
  • GOV cards will function for both diesel and gasoline.
  • GOVs that are responsible for hauling fuel for vehicles and equipment that can not go to a gas station may fill containers and / or large tanks to provide fuel to the other vehicles.
  • GOV cards may only be used to pay for fuel.
  • As use of a GOV card represents a government purchase, each organization or unit is responsible for coordinating in advance with their contracting or procurement agency to establish authority for card use.


Exchange payment options and instructions:

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