Fuel Card Issuing Sites

Joint Owners must bring their US POV registration certificate (AE Form 190-1A) the one of the following Exchange facilities for fuel ration card issue and activation.

All of the following Exchange facilities provide fuel ration card issue and activation services for all eligible vehicles, regardless of short-term or long-term eligibility status.

Ansbach Ansbach Urlas Retail Store
Baumholder Smith Barracks Main Exchange
Baumholder Smith Barracks Express w/ Gas Station
Garmisch Main Exchange
Geilenkirchen Air Base Retail Store
Grafenwöhr Main Exchange
Grafenwöhr Express w/ Gas
Grafenwöhr Netzaberg Express w/ Gas
Hohenfels Retail Store
Hohenfels Car Care Center
Illesheim Retail Store
Illesheim Express w/ Gas
Kaiserslautern Sembach Express
Kaiserslautern Kleber Express
Landstuhl Landstuhl Express w/ Gas
Ramstein Air Base KMCC Exchange
Ramstein Ramstein Air Base Express w/ Gas
Spangdahlem Air Base Main Exchange
Spangdahlem Express w/ Gas
Stuttgart Panzer Kaserne Main Exchange
Stuttgart Patch Express w/ Gas (Vaihingen)
Stuttgart Kelley Express
Vilseck Furniture Store
Vilseck Vilseck Express
Vogelweh Pulaski Express w/ Gas Station
Wiesbaden Hainerberg Main Exchange
Wiesbaden Hainerberg Express w/ Gas Station

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