Carrier Compliance

PURPOSE: To identify costs incurred from carriers not complying with all aspects of shipping and billing instructions provided by The Exchange.

BACKGROUND: The Carrier Compliance Program is implemented to recover costs directly caused by the carrier being non-compliant when shipping to and through our facilities. Carrier loads will flow through our stores and Distribution Centers in an efficient manner and freight invoices submitted will be complete and accurate as outlined in this guide.

Distribution Centers, individual facilities and the Freight Bill Audit team will submit data for the purpose of recovering costs incurred by carrier nonconformance which may include but is not limited to the compliance violations included in this guide.

As detailed in the Carrier Compliance cost structure, The Exchange will process charges to recover costs caused by carrier shipments and billing submissions that are not compliant with the Exchange requirements.

In the event a carrier requires additional information, The Exchange contact information is provided on each claim.

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