The Exchange has the expectation of supplier support for all advertising it performs in its media channels to promote and sell suppliers’ products. As such, advertising costs associated with the promotion of a suppliers products will be billed to that supplier via claims with terms of Net 30 days. After that period if the obligation is not met, the claim will be deducted from the next processed payment.

If there are existing advertising accrual programs, the costs associated with the advertising will be debited to those accrual programs. Advertising rates for The Exchange media are contained in our rate card which is available by request to the Trade Promotion Management group.

Direct advertising inquiries or requests for the rate card to:

The Exchange SD - P / Trade Promotion Mgmt
3911 S. Walton Walker Blvd
Dallas, TX 75236-1598
(214) 312-6401

Exchange TV (ExTV) is now in over 180 main stores, malls and Exchange Restaurants throughout the Exchange. It's an exciting, effective new way to deliver your message to Exchange customers.

eCommerce Ad Specs: Ad Dimensions (in pixels):
All Services Exchange Online Store - Department Page - Top Banner 737x200 (width, height)
All Services Exchange Online Store - Department Page - Left-Column Banner 190x300 (width, height)
All Services Exchange Online Store - Dropdown Menu Ad 214x317 (width, height)
All Services Exchange Online Store - Search Results - Top Banner 737x200 (width, height)
Exchange ad in Sales Flyer: Refer to ‘Tabloids / Flyers’ pages in Rate Card


  • Ad files should include vendor logo. Ad files should not reference "AAFES" (ad files for use inside the All Services Exchange Online Store and / or Exchange Online Mall may reference the "Exchange Online Store" but otherwise should remain service neutral; ad files for use on site or Exchange Buddy List may reference "" and / or "the Exchange").
  • If ad contains promotional offer, ad must reference starting & ending date of that offer (for online vendor promotions, we recommend starting offer on a Tuesday and going thru the end of day on a Monday).
  • Final ad files must be provided at least 3 weeks before the start date referenced in the ad (note: be sure to coordinate with applicable Catalog / Internet Merchandise Manager as they will need to coordinate co-op arrangements and also reserve the space for your ad by making notation in the applicable online features document[s]).
  • Final ad files should be provided in the exact dimensions specified above in both PhotoShop format and .jpg format (send final ad files to applicable Catalog / Internet Merchandise Manager).
  • For vendor provided flash ads(swf files): Animation runtime must be kept under 6 seconds. All symbols / graphics must be kept inside flash document display work area to prevent overlap during banner rotation. Background layer color should be set. Link should be set in SWF to open vendor site in a new window.

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