Direct Store Delivery

The Exchange definition of Direct Store Delivery - Supplier products normally delivered by route drivers directly to our stores. Either the invoice is provided with the delivery of the merchandise or the Exchange stores provide an order number which Suppliers must reference on their invoice which is mailed into our corporate office.

Note: Our order numbers have been referred to as DO or delivery orders. We now refer to them as VON or vendor order numbers. VONs are 10 digits, all numeric and begin with the number 9.

Diversity is an opportunity that has long been an integral part of the Exchange Mission. In fact, Diversity is so critical to Exchange success that it is incorporated into one of the five strategic goals – "Build a culture of loyalty, ownership, sustainability and continuous improvement."

Supplier Requirements

Suppliers must sign an Exchange Retail Agreement which is provided by the appropriate Exchange buyer. Notify the buyers of any significant changes such as payment address changes or change to invoicing procedures.

What Suppliers Should Know

Our order numbering has changed. We now generate 10 digit order numbers referred to as VONs which begin with 9. If you do not provide an invoice at time of delivery, the VON we provide must be clearly indicated on the invoice submitted for payment.

Buyers may decide to manage cost, price and stock assortment selection. This decision is relayed to suppliers at which time suppliers must send cost changes and stock assortment recommendations to the HQ buyer. Stores will no longer be authorized to bring in new items not authorized by the buyer. When this occurs we strongly suggest notifying the buyer regarding new items as soon as information is available. Our corporate goal is to code all authorized items prior to delivery to any Exchange location.

To assist in the proper processing of your documents, clearly identify documentation such as invoices versus packing slips.

Buyers for the US are located in Dallas, TX; buyers for Europe are located in Germany and buyers for Pacific are located in Japan.

Shipping Procedures

When shipping products from the continental U.S., to overseas Exchange locations, make sure the bill of lading and cases are marked for the ultimate receiving facility and follow these shipping instructions:

  • Less than 200 lbs, ship by US Postal Service to the facility mailing address, send invoice for postage charges to the same address as the merchandise invoice
  • Shipments between 201 lbs to 5000 lbs, ship by UPS Freight, third party collect, to the following locations:

Shipments to Europe / Iraq / Puerto Rico / Honduras ship to:

Exchange Dan Daniel DC
233 Enterprise Dr
Newport News, VA 23603

Shipments to Japan / Okinawa / Korea / Hawaii / Alaska / Guam / Kuwait / Afghanistan ship to:

700 E. Roth Rd, Bldg 550
Sharpe Army Depot
French Camp, CA 95231

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