Exchange Retiree Advisory Council (ERAC)


Exchange Retiree Advisory Council

The Director’s Exchange Retiree Advisory Council (ERAC) is made up of members from organizations that represent the full spectrum of military retirees and their families. It is composed of people nominated as official representatives of their respective organization or association and selected by the Exchange Director/CEO. They advise the Director/CEO on issues of interest to the retiree community and help to communicate the value of the exchange benefit.

ERAC Members

Army Retirement Services
Retired LTC Mark Overberg

Army Chief of Staff's Retired Soldier Council
Retired SGM Michael A. Walker

Air Force Retiree Council

Association of the United States Army
Retired SMA Kenneth Preston
Vice President, NCO and Soldier Programs


Air Force Association
Retired Colonel Keith Zuegel

Air Force Sergeants Association

Military Officers Association of America
Retired Colonel Dan Merry
Vice President for Government Relations

Reserve Officers Association
Retired Lt Col Susan Lukas
Director, Legislation and Military Policy


Non-Commissioned Officers Association
Retired SCPO Jon Ostrowski
Executive Director

The Retired Enlisted Association
Mr. Ken Greenberg
Director of Veterans and Military Policy

National Military Family Association
Ms. Kelly Hruska
Government Relations Director

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