Board Membership

  • Monitor all AREA elements for adherence to AREA constitution
  • Establish operating policies and procedures in accordance with AREA constitution
  • Prepare annual budgets and establish member dues necessary to meet budgets
  • Promote chapter proliferation and issue chapter charters to member groups
  • Publish monthly Newsletter via internet.
  • Promote AREA and chapter membership
  • Maintain lines of communication between the Board, members, chapters, The Exchange, and the community
  • Administer and promote the Scholarship, Community Service and Emergency Relief Fund
  • Insure the safety and security of all AREA funds and assets;
  • Maintain the AREA specific website
  • Annually review AREA’s objectives for future growth

President responsibilities include:

  • Provide guidance and direction to AREA activities
  • Select members to serve in appointed positions
  • Schedule and conduct board meetings twice-a-year
  • Ensure the material on the website is current
  • Communicate individually with chapter presidents as appropriate. i.e., assuming or relinquishing office, problems requiring attention, etc.
  • Assure adherence to Constitution, Bylaws and policy / procedures
  • Set objectives for future growth

Vice-President responsibilities include:

  • Become familiar with Board members’ responsibilities
  • Become familiar with the website History File and other AREA background material
  • Assist President and other Board members on specific projects
  • Keep current on Community Relations
  • Become Acting President in the absence of the President
  • Become Acting President whenever the President vacates the office

Secretary responsibilities include:

  • Recorder and historian of AREA activities, except for the Newsletter
  • Record minutes of Executive Board. Distributes copies
  • Prepare correspondence for President as needed
  • Assist in updating the History file
  • Maintain inventory of supplies

Treasurer responsibilities include:

  • Collaborate with the Board to develop and implement strategic plans and programs that align with the AREA purpose and mission, in compliance with the AREA Constitution and By-laws.
  • Oversight of all AREA financial transactions and processes for receipts and deposits, bill’s and payments, accounting and financial reporting.
  • Oversight of all AREA 3rd party agreements for accounting services, IT services, and risk management.
  • Coordinate with the Financial / Insurance Advisor on developing investment programs. Implement investment programs.
  • Coordinate with internal and external audit authorities, providing documents and support as required.


Three ‘Member-at-Large’ voting positions are filled by the President as necessary and are not subject to a vote by the Executive Board. These members represent the general membership and their tenure is indefinite. These members will be asked to Chair committees (indefinite period), or otherwise take on OPR responsibilities for certain short-term tasks necessary.

Member-At-Large #1: Financial / Insurance Advisor. Responsibilities include:

  • Provide financial advice to the AREA board.
  • Periodically review, with Treasurer, cash flow position and future cash flow requirements to ensure adequate working capital is maintained.
  • Ensure that Board-adopted Investment Policies meet the Organizations desired risk and return objectives. Periodically review, with Treasurer, and report to the Board AREA’s Investment Policy, investment implementation and variance analysis.
  • Advise and recommend to the Board any insurance/organization risk-management requirements.

Member-At-Large #2: Scholarship Committee Director. One person who:

  • Directs the activities of the Scholarship program;
  • Selects committee members to score applications,
  • Recommends procedural changes to Board for approval.
  • Receives and responds to inquiries regarding the scholarship program and reviews applications to determine qualifications to apply are met.
  • Develops a database with all qualified applications and provides access to the scholarship committee for scoring.
  • Tabulates all scores and provides ranking to the board for approval of scholarship awards.
  • Writes article for the Exchange Post highlighting the achievements of each scholarship winner.
  • Writes declined letters to non-winners and provides them to the President for signature and mailing. Notifies applicants via email.
  • Writes congratulations letters to scholarship winners requesting school information and student ID for submission of checks.
  • Writes school letters and provides them to the President for signature, and to the Accountant for creation of checks.
    • The Accountant will provide the checks and envelopes to the president for mailing.
    • The President will mail the letters and checks to the schools and copy the students on the same day.
  • Submits revisions of all forms and instructions to the board for the upcoming year.
  • Provide input to strategic decisions that affect the scholarship program, provide input to the board to develop the budget, and other duties assigned by the President.

Member-At-Large #3:

  • Represents Chapter interests with the board and provide advice to other board members on such items as membership strategy and so on.

AREA VEBA Trustee responsibilities include:

  • Serve as the AREA representative on the Voluntary Employee Beneficiary Association (VEBA) at HQ, AAFES. (The VEBA trust is the funding vehicle for post-retirement medical, dental and life benefits.)
  • Attend HQ meetings
  • Keep the Board and membership informed of benefit discussions and changes

Membership Director responsibilities include:

  • Develops and oversees membership systems and activities
  • Develops programs, initiatives, and policies designed to increase membership
  • Creates, updates, and distributes information to current members as well as prospective members
  • Provides input to strategic decisions that affect the membership and organization
  • Gives input into developing the budget
  • Resolves issues arising from chapter operations
  • Coordinates with other board departments

Social Networking/News Director responsibilities include:

  • Prepares, edits, and distributes the monthly e-Newsletter to dues-paying members.
  • Develops, executes, and coordinates other AREA publications and other information about AREA and its chapters.
  • Maintains historical records of the Association’s publications and other informational material.
  • Develops and coordinates publicity on the AREA website with the community, AREA Facebook page, the Exchange Post, and other sources.
  • Assists the Membership Director with various tasks such as maintaining and trouble-shooting the AREA Membership data base to include reports and mass mailings.

Legal Advisor responsibilities include:

  • Provide legal assistance to AREA elements;
  • Review all proposed contracts that AREA desires to enter into;
  • Provide legal advice to Board and chapters;
  • Recommend appropriate legal counsel in major matters of litigation.

Membership Administrator responsibilities include:

  • Monitor AREA and chapter membership records
  • Maintain AREA membership data base
  • Maintain scholarship donations data base
  • Forward dues checks to Treasurer indicating scholarship donations or year’s dues paid for each member
  • Send scholarship chairman listing of scholarship donors and amount, as received
  • Send welcome letters and packets to new members
  • Provide chapters with membership applications
  • Research and resolve discrepancies that arise over data base entries and dues payments

Voting members elected by the membership are referred to as Officers of the Association. Includes:

  • AREA President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer

Voting members appointed by the president and approved by voting board members.

  • Social Media/News Director
  • Membership Director

Voting members appointed by the president and not subject to vote by the Executive Board.

  • Three Members–at-Large

These 5 members + the 4 members elected by the membership are referred to as the Executive Board of the Association.

Non-Voting members appointed by the president:

  • Legal Advisor
  • VEBA Trustee (VEBA trust is funding source for post-retirement medical, dental and life benefits.)
  • Chairpersons of these committees: Membership Administrator, Community Service and Emergency Relief.

Executive Board

  • William (Rick) Fair, President
  • Jonathan Miller, Interim Vice President
  • Bobby Skolnick, Secretary
  • Michael Moore, Treasurer
  • Jonathan Miller, Social Media/News Director
  • Jonathan Miller, Membership Director
  • Arna Yarbrough, Member-At-Large
  • Richard Sheff, Member-At-Large

Program Directors

  • Arna Yarbrough, Scholarship Program
  • William (Rick) Fair, Community Service/Emergency Fund Relief
  • Mike Immler, VEBA Trustee
  • Bobby Skolnick, Membership Administrator

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