Board Membership

  • Monitor all AREA elements for adherence to AREA constitution
  • Establish operating policies and procedures in accordance with AREA constitution
  • Prepare annual budgets and establish member dues necessary to meet budgets
  • Promote chapter proliferation and issue chapter charters to member groups
  • Publish quarterly Newsletter
  • Submit annual reports to members in the July Newsletter
  • Promote AREA and chapter membership
  • Maintain lines of communication between the Board, members, chapters, The Exchange, and the community
  • Administer and promote the Scholarship, Community Service and Emergency Relief Fund
  • Publish Membership Directories
  • Insure the safety and security of all AREA funds and assets;
  • Maintain the AREA specific website
  • Annually review AREA’s objectives for future growth

President responsibilities include:

  • Provide guidance and direction to AREA activities
  • Select members to serve in appointed positions
  • Schedule and conduct board meetings twice-a-year
  • Ensure the material on the website is current
  • Communicate individually with chapter presidents as appropriate. i.e., assuming or relinquishing office, problems requiring attention, etc.
  • Assure adherence to Constitution, Bylaws and policy / procedures
  • Set objectives for future growth

Vice-President responsibilities include:

  • Become familiar with Board members’ responsibilities
  • Become familiar with the website History File and other AREA background material
  • Assist President and other Board members on specific projects
  • Keep current on Community Relations
  • Become Acting President in the absence of the President
  • Become Acting President whenever the President vacates the office

Secretary responsibilities include:

  • Recorder and historian of AREA activities, except for the Newsletter
  • Record minutes of Executive Board. Distributes copies
  • Prepare correspondence for President as needed
  • Assist in updating the History file
  • Maintain inventory of supplies

Treasurer responsibilities include:

  • Record and maintain AREA financial transactions
  • Deposit all receipts
  • Disburse checks upon receipt of properly documented invoices
  • Draft annual expense budget for approval of Board
  • Maintain the books of account
  • Coordinate and implement the investment program with the Financial / Insurance Advisor
  • Prepare quarterly Income and Expense reports and Balance Sheets for AREA, Emergency Relief and Scholarship Program
  • Submit end-of-year final reports and supporting data for audit
  • Summarize AREA financial results and status of operations for posting on the website annually on July 1st
  • When deemed necessary, recommend changes to improve AREA accounting procedures to Board
  • Report annually on adequacy of reserves

Membership Director responsibilities include:

  • Monitor AREA and chapter membership records
  • Maintain AREA membership data base
  • Maintain scholarship donations data base
  • Forward dues checks to Treasurer indicating scholarship donations or year’s dues paid for each member
  • Send scholarship chairman listing of scholarship donors and amount, as received
  • Send welcome letters and packets to new members
  • Provide chapters with membership applications
  • Research and resolve discrepancies that arise over data base entries and dues payments

Information Director responsibilities include:

  • Develop and execute / coordinate on publications and other information about AREA and its chapters
  • Editor of the Newsletter and Membership Directory
  • Maintain historical records for publications and other information material
  • Coordination of publicity on the website, and with the community, the Exchange Post, and other sources

Auditor responsibilities include:

  • Audit AREA financial records annually
  • Audit AREA financial reports according to accepted audit procedures
  • Audit transactions and reports of
    • AREA dues and other income and administrative expenses
    • Scholarship Fund donations, investment returns, and grants awarded
    • Emergency Relief Fund
  • Report in writing to Executive Board upon completion of audits:
    • Accuracy of records
    • Any irregularities
    • Effectiveness of security of monies
    • Any recommended procedural changes

Financial / Insurance Advisor responsibilities include:

  • Provide financial advice to board
  • Periodically review, with Treasurer, the amount of cash on hand and amount needed for immediate future expenses
  • Jointly recommend moving excess monies from checking account into more lucrative areas
  • Ensure that investment decisions are based upon minimum risk and reasonable return
  • Advise and recommend to the Board any insurance requirements

AREA VEBA Trustee responsibilities include:

  • Serve as the AREA representative on the Voluntary Employee Beneficiary Association (VEBA) at HQ, The Exchange
  • Attend HQ meetings
  • Keep the Board and membership informed of benefit discussions and changes

Legal Advisor responsibilities include:

  • Provide legal assistance to AREA elements;
  • Review all proposed contracts that AREA desires to enter into;
  • Provide legal advice to Board and chapters;
  • Recommend appropriate legal counsel in major matters of litigation.

Scholarship Committee responsibilities include:

  • Direct the activities of the Scholarship program;
  • Appointed chairperson will select 5 other committee members;
  • Recommend procedural changes to Board for approval.

Scholarship Liaison Member responsibilities include:

  • Ensure proper communication as well as cooperation between AREA and AAFES through serving as a connector or official go-between on the top ranking officials in each organization. The AREA POC for coordination is the President.
  • Provide information about the program and encourage participation within AAFES.
  • Review and recommend changes to program web page postings

Board Members Elections & Appointment

Voting members elected by the membership are referred to as Officers of the Association. Includes:

  • AREA President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer

Voting members appointed by the president.

  • Membership Director
  • Information Director
  • Three Members–at-Large

These 5 members + the 4 members elected by the membership are referred to as the Executive Officers of the Association.

Non-Voting members appointed by the president:

  • Legal Advisor
  • Auditor
  • Financial / Insurance Advisor
  • VEBE Trustee
  • Chairpersons of these committees: Scholarship, Community Service and Emergency Relief.

These appointees + the nine voting members above are referred to the Executive Board.

Executive Board

  • Chuck Poffenbarger, President
  • Tom Gallagher, Vice-President
  • Don Smith, Secretary
  • Terry Corley, Treasurer
  • Marcia Kane, Information Director
  • Dick Fregoe, Member-At-Large
  • Michelle Priester, Member-At-Large
  • Richard Sheff, Member-At-Large

Program Directors

  • Daryl Hinshaw, Auditor
  • Ron Compton, Legal Advisor
  • Michelle Priester, Scholarship Program
  • Richard Fregoe, Community Service
  • Terry Corley, VEBA Representative
  • Terry Corley, Financial Advisor
  • Pat Weaver, Memebership Director

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