Exchange Inspector General

The Exchange Office of the Inspector General

Mission Statement

The Exchange IG is a confidential representative and a member of the personal staff of the Commanding General (CG), The Exchange. The IG makes inquiries into, and reports on, all matters affecting the Exchange vision, mission and strategic goals.


Teach and Train

The Exchange IGs teach skills, provide information, and assess attitudes while assisting, investigating, and inspecting. Through their examples, Exchange IGs assist the Exchange leadership in setting standards of behavior and appearance. Exchange IGs pass on lessons learned to enable others to benefit from past experiences. In addition, the Exchange Inspector General provides training on policies, procedures, and operations to the Exchange management and associates as needed.


Exchange IG assistance is the process of receiving, inquiring into, and responding to complaints, allegations, and requests for help (assistance) that are referred to an Exchange IG. The Exchange associates and customers may get assistance from the Exchange IG in resolving problems without fear of reprisal or unnecessary disclosure of information outside of Inspector General and Command channels.


An informal fact-finding process followed by Exchange IGs to gather information needed to respond to a requestor, or resolve allegations or issues when investigative techniques are appropriate. Typically, investigative inquiries are conducted without a directive; sworn, recorded testimony is not taken.


A formal fact-finding examination by a detailed Exchange IG into allegations, issues, or adverse conditions to provide the Commander, the Exchange a sound basis for decisions and actions. Exchange IG investigations address allegations of wrongdoing by an individual and are authorized by written directive. Conduct of Exchange IG investigations involves systematic collection and examination of testimony and documents, and may incorporate physical evidence.

Exchange IG Inspection

An inspection conducted by a detailed Exchange IG, oriented toward the identification of problems, determination of their root causes, development of possible solutions, and assignment of responsibilities. Exchange IG inspections focus on issues rather than on facilities. The scope and content are determined by the Commander of the Exchange to whom the Inspector General is assigned.

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