Services & Vending

The Exchange is a multi-channel retailer that serves our nations active duty military, National Guard, reservists, retirees and their families all over the world. We are proud to support our countries best and are committed to providing them with the highest quality of products and services at competitive prices. The Exchange Services and Vending program partners with businesses that offer products and services to fill niche markets. As we actively seek diverse companies, to include name brand, small, minority, women and veteran owned businesses, we understand the value and welcome the innovative solutions these enterprises bring to our global marketplace.

There are two basic options to sell through our Services and Vending program:

  • Short Term Commodities - managed by the local exchange at each military installation. The contract is administered on a temporary or roving basis, and Retail Merchandising Units (RMU) located in the retail mall area are provided to concessionaires to display and sell merchandise. Products are limited to cash and carry items only.
  • Long Term Concessions - program provides opportunities to operate permanent locations. These contracts are competitively solicited by contracting officers at the Exchange headquarters in Dallas, TX.

To learn more about concession business with Exchange Services and Vending dial (214) 312-3424.

For referrals by local Services Business Managers complete a new application and return it to the local Exchange.

For businesses with regional or nationwide opportunities complete a new application and mail it to:

The Exchange
ATTN: Services and Vending Division
3911 S. Walton Walker Blvd.
Dallas, TX 75236

The Exchange Pacific Region
Services & Vending
Unit 35163
APO, AP 96379-5163


Germany: Wiesbaden, Hainerberg, Mainz-Kastel
+49(0)611-205-37-215 or

Exchange Europe - Wiesbaden
Attn: Services Business Office Unit 29645
APO, AE 09096

Exchange Europe
Attn: Services Office
Mississippi-Str. 18
65189 Wiesbaden

Eucom Area

Stuttgart, Ansbach / Katterbach, Illesheim, Garmisch
(49) 7031-4395107

Exchange Europe
Attn:  Services Business Office
Unit 30409
APO AE 09031

Exchange Europe
Attn:  Services Business Office
Exchange Panzer Kaserne, Geb 2935
71032 Boeblingen

Grafenwoehr Area

Grafenwoehr, Vilseck
(49) 09641-92400-16

Exchange Europe
Attn: Services Office
Unit 28126
APO AE 09114

Exchange Europe
Attn: Services Office
US-Truppenuebungsplatz, Bldg 211
92655 Grafenwoehr

United Kingdom

Lakenheath, Mildenhall, Menwith Hall, Alconbury, Croughton, Norway
00 44 01842 827795

Exchange Europe
Unit 5280 box 0420
APO AE 09461

Exchange Services
UK Consolidated Exchange
Bldg 94, RAF Feltwell
Thetford, Norfolk
IP26 4HL

Italy Area

Vicenza, Aviano, Livorno

Exchange Europe
Unit 31405 Box 40
APO AE 09630

Exchange Europe
Casella Postale 57
Succ 5
Vicenza 36100


Ramstein, Vogelweh, Baumholder, Sembach, Spangdahlem, Cairo
(49) 06371-4079611

Exchange Europe
KMCC Mall Services Office
Unit 3370
APO AE 09094-0385

Exchange Europe
Attn: Services Office
KMCC Mall, Geb 3336
Flugplatz, Ramstein
66877 Ramstein

Turkey Area

Incirlik, Izmir, Ankara

Exchange Main Store
Attn: Exchange Services Office
Unit 7150
Box 260
APO AE 09824

Exchange Turkey Cons Exchange
Bldg 924 Incirlik AB
Incirlik, Adana, Turkey 01340


Lajes AF

Azores Exchange
PSC 76 Box 9967
Unit 7765
APO AE 09720

Cantina Americana
Base Aerea No. 4
Edificio T-800
Lajes Field
Praia Da Vitoria 09760


Kosovo, Romania, Camp Bondsteel

Exchange Europe
Camp Bondsteel, OJG
Unit 40148
APO AE 09340

SW Asia/Contingency

Afghanistan, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Qatar & UAE

Exchange Europe, SW Asia & Africa Region
Attn: Region Services Office
Unit 4210
APO AE 09136-4210

Exchange Europe, SW Asia & Africa Region
Attn: Region Services Office
Sembach Kaserne, Geb. 201 or Geb. 214
D-67681 Sembach, Germany

New Application

To become a supplier for the Exchange, you must have an officer of your firm complete this Source List Application.

Note: Applications are kept on file for one year. Once expired, you will need to complete as new application.

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