Military Clothing

The military clothing stores procure merchandise two ways which differentiate based on the commodity. Military dress uniforms and Insignia are procured from suppliers that the Army or the Air Force has certified to manufacture those items. If you are interested in becoming a certified supplier you will need to contact the Army at their Natick offices or the Air Force at their Wright Patterson AFB offices.

For non uniform clothing items, such as military footwear, men’s accessories worn with the uniforms and tactical merchandise, we work directly with the vendors through our buying staff.

Contact Information

Military Clothing Sales Stores Branch
Buyer II - AF, USN,USMC Uniforms
(214) 312-4289
Buyer IV -Tactical / Survival
(214) 312-3205
Buyer III - Army Uniforms
(214) 312-4585
Buyer II - Insignia
(214) 312-6541

Dept of Army
US Natick Army Soldier Center Kansas Street
Natick, MA 01760-5000
(508) 233-5482
(508) 233-5485 Fax

1901 Tenth St, Bldg 63
WPAFB OH 45433-7605
(937) 255-6073
(937) 656-4318 Fax

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