Fraud, Waste and Abuse

Hotline - Fraud, Waste and Abuse

Reporting Fraud, Waste and Abuse is Everyone's Responsibility

Exchange has a continuing campaign assigned to identify and eliminate fraud, waste and abuse.

The Office of the Inspector General acts as an office of primary responsibility for all the Exchange Hotline Complaints. Although the primary purpose of the Hotline Program is to report fraud, waste, and abuse, the Hotline also accepts other Inspector General complaints. These complaints are investigated or forwarded to the appropriate management channel for their investigation and action. All Hotline complaints are treated as Inspector General complaints.

The Commander of the Exchange encourages customers and associates to become aware of what is happening in their exchanges and report possible fraud, waste and abuse by calling the Hotline.

All calls are confidential and will be treated in accordance with Public Law 95-452, DoD Instruction 7050.3, and DoD Directive 7050.1.

Be ready to provide the following information:

  • What other Exchange agencies, supervisors, and / or managers have you asked to assist you with this issue?
  • What is your status (AD / Retired / Reserve Military Customer, the Exchange associate)?
  • What do you want the Exchange IG to do for you? (Please attach supporting documentation and let us know what caused the issues, who was involved, when and where it happened.)
  • Please provide us with your contact information (full name, e-mail address, postal mailing address, phone number).
  • Would you like to remain anonymous?

Phone: Mail: Email:
(800) 527-6789

Azores: 8008-13-336

Belgium: 0800-75478

England: 0800-389-0166

Germany: 0800-181-3299

Guam: 1-888-515-8689

Italy: 8008-74596

Japan: 0066-33-820914

Korea: 00308-13-0718

Netherlands: 0800-022-3754

Norway: 800-15462

Okinawa: 00531-13-3219

Turkey: 00800-18-488-6099

HQ the Exchange
Attn: Exchange IG (Hotline)
P.O. Box 660202
Dallas, TX 75266-0202

Before you contact the Exchange IG read and apply the following tips as they may provide a quicker response to your issue.

Consider other Exchange channels below for complaints / concerns:


Catalog, Internet or Merchandise

  • Items not received, wrong items received, service, incorrect charges
  • Availability, pricing, or service at our stores, etc.
  • Contact Customer Service

Your Local Exchange

For questions / comments about your local Exchange, please contact the General Manager directly. GM contact information is on your local Exchange homepage.

Workplace Issues

  • Violations of policies or procedures by management or other associates.

Associates experiencing problems in the workplace have various avenues to address their particular problem. First, we advise all associates to utilize their chain of command. If this is not possible or if no action has been taken after having gone to your chain of command, you should determine if you are covered by a local or national union bargaining agreement. The Inspector General is prohibited by regulation from addressing union type problems. If you are not covered by a union bargaining agreement, then contact the Exchange IG.

Equal Opportunity Employment

  • Discrimination of race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, sexual orientation or status as a parent, physical or mental disabilities. Applies to the Exchange associates only.

If you are an Exchange associate and feel you are being discriminated against because of your race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, sexual orientation, status as a parent, physical or mental disabilities, then the Exchange has a set procedure for you to follow to make a complaint. By law, you must contact your local EEO counselor within 45 days of the most recent discriminatory action to initiate a complaint. You can find out who the local counselors are by contacting your Human Resources office or looking on the Employee Bulletin Board. EEO complaints are outside the purview of the Exchange Inspector General.

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