Military Candidates

Military Spouse Careers

We get it. With over 17% of our nearly 43,000 associates being military spouses, we understand and appreciate the unique life of military families. Your values of loyalty, professionalism and commitment are exactly what we look for in an associate.

Since 2010, the Exchange has hired over 10,000 military spouses, including 5,200 in 2011, while 1,100 spouses received promotions.

Take It With You

Take advantage of our Spouse Continuity program instead of resigning when it's time to PCS. We may be able to help you continue employment at your new location if you:

  • Want a position in the same category (full time, part time, intermittent)
  • Are PCSing with sponsor
  • Have six months Exchange service
  • Have a rating of 'Satisfactory' or higher on the most recent performance evaluation

For more information on the military spouse programs, please contact our Human Resources Support Center at

Join Us

  1. Search for local positions, then apply at
  2. Identify yourself as a spouse
  3. Use your spouse preference if you want to be referred first
  4. Contact your local Human Resources office and let them know you applied or if you have questions regarding the Spouse Preference program

Veterans: Exchange Your Career

The Exchange is doing its part to combat the rising unemployment rates affecting veterans returning from war. 10% of our yearly hires are veterans. We have hired 3,000 veterans since 2010. More than 600 veterans were promoted in 2011. Our goal is to increase our veteran hires in 2012 by 15%.

MOSAFSCExchange Careers
11 series2TStock Room Associate, Materials Handler, Motor Vehicle Operator,
Foreman, Shift Supervisor
92A2SWarehouse Worker, Forklift Operator, Business Analyst, Logistics Associate, Freight Bill Auditor
31U 3P Data Analyst, Computer Tech, Systems Assistant
36D 6FFinancial Analyst, Financial Manager Trainee, Payroll Assistant, Collection Tech, Business Systems Analyst

You Have It

What better way to connect with our customers than to hire them? You already have an emotional connection with both the Exchange and our customers. You are:

  • Adaptive independent thinkers
  • Motivated and disciplined leaders
  • Reliable, dependable and able to perform in stressful situations
  • Dedicated team players with extensive talent

We Want It


  • Let us know you're a veteran
  • Have up to five job specific, tailored résumés in our system
  • Use words from the job description in your résumé if you have those experiences and skills
  • List volunteer activities - they're important and are often left out


  • Use military acronyms and jargon

Make It Happen

  1. Search for local positions, then apply at
  2. Identify yourself as a veteran
  3. Contact your local Human Resources office or the HR Support Center and let us know you've applied or if you have questions at 214-312-6190 or

Together Again

We've been wherever you are since 1895. You know us and you shop us. Now come work with us. With over 43,000 jobs, there are endless opportunities for you to grow and advance your career. Together we will continue to serve, stay connected and make a difference in the lives of American heroes and their families.

Hiring Partnerships

The Exchange has partnered with several organizations to offer career assistance and create opportunities for those who have selflessly served. These organizations include:

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