Emergency Relief

AREA Serves Exchange Associates Through The Emergency Relief Fund

The Exchange Retiree Employees Association (AREA) Emergency Relief Fund program was established in cooperation with HQ, Exchange to financially assist Exchange Associates and their families whose homes and property are devastated by disasters such as wildfires, tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, snow and ice storms and floods. The program was created in 1999 when it was concluded that Exchange could not legally provide the service.

Under the coordinated plan between HQ, Exchange and AREA, when a disaster strikes Exchange Associates' homes and property, HQ, Exchange Human Resources (HR) may notify the Exchange workforce of the need for donations/contributions. AREA members and sources outside the Exchange and AREA are also given the opportunity to donate. In addition to individual contributions by members, AREA chapters are encouraged to support each cause by conducting fundraisers or other activities in their communities to add to the fund. Read about Emergency Relief Fund History.

AREA provides a depository for funds collected and releases the money to a volunteer committee at the Exchange where the disaster occurred when they determine who should receive assistance from the fund.

Seymour Johnson AFB

Shortly after the program was set up, AREA was asked to activate the Emergency Relief Fund in support of the Exchange Associates at Seymour Johnson AFB after Hurricane Floyd devastated the East Coast in 1999. Over $8,000 was received into the AREA Emergency Relief Fund for distribution to the Seymour Johnson AFB Exchange to assist associates and their families whose homes and property were destroyed or damaged by the Hurricane.

Subsequent to the fund drive for Seymour Johnson AFB, emergency fund drives have been held for Exchange Associates who were affected by storms at Fort Rucker, Alabama and Guam. In the Fall of 2001, a special emergency fund drive was conducted for military members who were affected by the attack on the Pentagon on September 11th. $39,500 was contributed by Exchange employees and retirees and sent to the Army Emergency Relief Victims' Fund. Active Associates and retirees have been very generous in their support of these emergency relief efforts.

AREA Contact

Watch your AREA Monthly Newsletter and periodic communications to AREA local chapters for more information on this program.

Contact the AREA Emergency Relief Coordinator (AERC) at president@aafesretired.org or vp@aafesretired.org

The address for the Emergency Relief Fund is:

National AREA & Scholarship Fund
2303 RR 620 S Suite 160-105
Austin TX 78734

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