Medical & Dental Plans

DoD NAF Plan Booklets - Summary Plan Descriptions (SPD)

These plan booklets provide details on what benefits the Aetna plans provide and how the plans work. These booklets are updated every few years.

DoD NAF Plan Benefits - Summary of Benefits (SOB) Charts

Provided as a guide to some of the benefits available as part of the medical and dental coverage under the Aetna plans.

DoD NAF Plan Brochures - Summary Booklet of Plan Benefits

Provided as summary booklets of the benefits available for the Aetna plans.

Aetna Pharmacy Rx Home Delivery (Mail Order)

Aetna Pharmacy Rx Home Delivery Information

HMO Comparison Charts

HMO medical plans are offered in some U.S. areas and territories. The charts below show a comparison of benefits and coverages for each HMO plan to the Aetna DoD NAF plan.

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