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Sustain the Mission: Secure the Future

Army commander / leaders are instrumental to our success in building and maintaining sustainable installations. Sustainability is the foundation for this strategy and a paradigm that focuses our thinking to address both present and future needs while strengthening community partnerships that improve our ability to organize, equip, train and deploy our Soldiers as part of the joint force. It is our obligation to ensure that our Soldiers today – and the Soldiers of the future – have the land, water and air resources they need to train; a healthy environment in which to live; and the support of local communities and the American people.

It is our obligation to ensure that our customers and associates today - and of the future - have a healthy environment in with to live and work.

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Sustainability Vision

The Air Force strategic vision is to create a culture where we incorporate energy, environment, safety and occupational health as considerations in everything we doand as central elements in the foundation for operational sustainability. In accordance with our Air Force heritage, our role as a catalyst in innovation places us in a unique position to provide leadership. In our response to energy security considerations, and the need to protect our natural resources and the well-being of our Airmen, we are implementing strategies to enable these natural and human capital assets to most effectively sustain the Air Force mission and promote operational excellence. Ultimately, we must create a culture where all Airmen make energy, environment, safety and occupational health a value in everything we do, every day and one that fosters innovation and excellence in all Air Force operations.

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US Army Natick Research, Development and Evaluation Center

Aerial view of U.S. Army Natick Research, Development and Evaluation Center whose primary mission is to maximize survivability, sustainability and supportability of the individual soldier in all environments through research, development and engineering in the area of food, clothing, shelters, airdrop and individual and organizational equipment.

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