Approved Sources for Food Products

As it relates to the procurement or sale of food and beverage products (and the retail, food, and service associates involved at any level), please be advised of the following information:

  • Buyers / contracting officers are the primary purchasing authorities and as such, ensure that contracts are awarded only to approved sources.
  • Managers should only need to initiate purchases in emergencies and if unable to coordinate with the appropriate buyer, should consult the approved source list for food and beverage before placing orders. Managers also must monitor food and beverage products received at their stores to ensure they are from approved sources.
  • Concessionaires and distributors are also required to use / deliver products from approved sources and this information may be shared with them to help in that regard and local managers will need to use this information to monitor concessionaires.

Approved source lists must be used by buyers / contracting officers, store managers, and concessionaire distributors to ensure that food and beverage products procured and received at our stores are only from these sources.


It is extremely important for food safety and security that only approved sources be used for food products. It is essential that general managers remain actively involved to ensure that all facilities that serve or otherwise sell food and beverages, to include concessions, are adequately monitored for use of approved sources.

To determine if a product is from an approved source, or to find an approved source for a product, please access the Worldwide Directory of Sanitarily Approved Food Establishments for Armed Forces Procurement.

Note: Some facilities are approved by other federal agencies and will NOT be listed in the Worldwide Directory; however, you can find them on Public Health Command’s website by accessing the link for "Federal Approved Src" located on the bottom left of the page and viewing the available source lists.

There are four (4) major areas of interest.

  1. Last Updated:
    Date when the posted directory was last updated.
  2. Product Listing Requirements for the Specific Region:
    The requirements do vary some between regions due to regional food supply characteristics. This provides a very useful matrix to determine if the product you want, or are already receiving, requires listing in the directory or not. Remember, the place of origin / production is what this usually refers to. If a region REQUIRES Distributors to also be listed be sure that the one you want to use is listed.
  3. Recent Deletions / Additions / Changes:
    List the most recent changes.
  4. Directory Listing of Approved Establishments:
    List of establishments approved in that region of the world. Both the establishment and the products they are approved for are shown.

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