Direct Import Requirements

The Consumer Product Safety Consumer Improvement Act (CPSIA) has brought important changes to the regulations of production safety and direct import landscape. Children products for 12 years of age and younger are especially affected, which must be tested by accredited third-party laboratories as required by the law. A list of Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) regulated products and corresponding regulations, mandatory standards and bans can be found on CPSC website.

Suppliers of direct import merchandise for the Exchange must demonstrate their products’ compliance to all applicable federal regulations, including but not limited to, Consumer Product Safety Act (CPSA) and CPSIA. Suppliers need to pay special attention to the product test and compliance requirements as described in the Exchange Retail Purchase Order Terms and Conditions. The Exchange QA Department requires suppliers to upload CPSIA-related documents such as test reports and General Certificate of Compliance (GCC) to an online document repository before purchase orders are shipped to the Exchange. Contact QA team at for instructions on how you can upload the documents, or for any questions.

In addition to product test requirements, suppliers of direct import merchandise also need to provide social responsibility audit or certificate documents to the Exchange QA Department to demonstrate the compliance of their production factories to the Exchange Social Responsibility Policy and Labor Standards. See Social Responsibility section for more information, or contact QA team for any questions.

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