Testing & Evaluation

Product safety and quality is a top priority at the Exchange. Our suppliers are expected to ensure that their products comply with applicable regulatory requirements and industrial standards. Products are usually tested and evaluated under different conditions for safety aspects and/or to see how well they perform under actual uses.

For our Exchange brands or direct import products, we monitor and require suppliers to provide test-related reports from third-party labs during product life cycles. Follow-up testing after the order of or delivery of merchandise may also be performed at the Exchange to ensure quality products are provided to our customers.

Quality Requirements
For consumers, the Exchange defines quality in terms of fitness for use, a concept relates well to ANSI/ASQ quality definition. If the condition of an item makes it not fit for use (i.e., adversely affecting appearance, serviceability, or sale ability), it is not of acceptable quality. Fitness for use is determined by a product’s features users can recognize as beneficial, e.g., fit and appearance of a clothing item, clear reception of channels on a TV, no missing parts in an item requiring an assembly, etc.

Needless to say, safety is an integral aspect of fitness for use. In addition to being fit for use, products need to meet applicable regulations, standards, and requirements. Electrical products purchased by the Exchange require a third-party certification for safety from an organization like the Underwriters Laboratories (UL), Intertek Testing Services (ETL), or CSA International, and must carry the seal of certifying organization.

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