Military Clothing

Military uniform items and heraldic devices are some of the most important items the Exchange sells. They contribute to the morale and appearance of Army and Air Force personnel, and must meet military specifications. The Exchange has an aggressive quality assurance program to ensure these military items meet the standards for design, workmanship and appearance, and are of the highest quality. In addition, we monitor the quality of the Defense Logistics Agency Troop Support (DLATS) - procured or issue uniforms. To accomplish this objective, QA will:

  • Ensure that all military items are made by certified suppliers.
  • Inspect shipments of military clothing and accessories procured by the Exchange at the Dan Daniel Distribution Center in Newport News, VA or at suppliers’ facilities.
  • Perform pre-purchase and post-award testing and evaluations of samples of optional uniform items and heraldic devices procured by the Exchange.
  • Perform in-process inspections on new suppliers and new products in coordination with the U.S. Army Soldier Biological and Chemical Command (Natick) or the Air Force Clothing Division (Wright Patterson).
  • Conduct pilot-lot inspections and evaluations at supplier’s facility or at the Exchange’s Dallas QA Lab to make sure merchandise is acceptable from the customer’s viewpoint, and the supplier can manufacture a quality product for the life of the contract. Natick and the Air Force normally participate in pilot-lot inspections to verify items are made according to the specifications.
  • Develop and recommend improvements in garment features and suppliers’ quality system.
  • Maintain liaison with governmental, commercial, and other organizations concerning the quality of military clothing items and heraldic devices.
  • Participate in military clothing seminars and workshops with other government agencies and supplier counterparts to upgrade the quality of military uniform items.
  • Provide assistance to contracting and merchandising to make sure the Exchange provides quality products to its customers.

DLATS was formerly known as the Defense Support Center, Philadelphia or DSCP.

Contact Information

Defense Logistics Agency Troop Support (DLATS)
Clothing & Textiles Directorate
Bldg 3
700 Robbins St.
Philadelphia PA, 19111

Natick Office - Dept of Army
DEVCOM Soldier Center
ATTN: UQCP, Room D131
10 General Greene Avenue
Natick, MA 01760

The Air Force Uniform Office
1901 Tenth St. (Area B, Building 63)
Wright Patterson AFB, OH 45433


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